Emulsifying coolant

One of the fundamental requirements in modern practice chłodziwom obróbniczym is a long-lasting life, bio stability, protection tools and anti corrosion properties of these liquids in the production process. CoolBLADE line products meeting the highest requirements, from simple dedicated for the most demanding applications and materials. The line of products:

  • CoolBlade WM 1000
  • CoolBlade WM 2000
  • CoolBlade WM 2000 BFF
  • CoolBlade WM 3000
  • CoolBlade WM 3000 Ultra
  • WM CoolBlade 7000
  • CoolBlade WM 8000
  • CoolBlade WM 44
  • CoolBlade WM 10 C
  • CoolBlade WM 20 ° C
  • WM CoolBlade 22

Properly selected oil guarantees trouble-free operation of machines, optimal conditions for cutting tools, and the lack of a negative impact on the employee (bridging the generation of oil mist or fungi and bacteria in the refrigerant).

To keep the coolant properties, from flooding a machine fresh emulsion, respectively we prepare layout using special cleaning agents and disinfectants. Required for this type of operation, is mechanical purification of solids and impurities arising from deposits in the influenced by the degradation of the old coolant and mushrooms.

The correct selection of the oil
The correct selection of concentrated to do the coolant used in metal working requires great knowledge and take account of the many individual aspects, omitting such things, like the kind of material, type of treatment, working conditions: the frequency of exchange of coolant. Analysis are also subject to chemical composition, for example. the content of mineral oil, or the nature of the use of additives in additives.

It can be concluded that, contrary to many groups of lubricants is a metalworking oil cannot be selected without a thorough knowledge of the working conditions and the test sample (if possible). The more machining oils group we don’t have bright and clear standards governing the quality of the oil, as is the case for example. motor oil, where in addition to the international specification is supported by a number of standards for vehicle manufacturers, which translates to a very simple and secure way of selecting oil.

In addition, there is often water analysis for the manufacture of finished emulsion. You must also add that, as in any other group of lubricating products, as in the case of machining oils selection of higher-quality oil translates into a significant savings in the process.